I'm Tim Player.

I'm an MS student in Robotics at Oregon State University. I'm working with Geoff Hollinger and Fuxin Li to apply cutting-edge methods in robot perception and learning to difficult applied problems in robotics. In the past, I've worked with the Lab for Autonomous and Intelligent Robotics at Harvey Mudd College, and as a sailing instructor and climate data scientist.

Autonomous RC Sailboat

I spent the first few months of quarantine upgrading my homemade RC sailboat to be fully autonomous. Check out my wind vane design at Thingiverse!

AUV Localization Testing

For my first project at OSU, I was invited to help my labmate Jacob Anderson deploy autonomous underwater robots to test his multirobot acoustic localization algorithm. It's been a terrific learning experience!

Computer Vision Rocket

For my final project in High-Powered Rocketry, I worked with Makoto Nara to design a computer vision algorithm to identify the trajectory of the rocket. That's how I discovered a love for robotic state estimation!